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Create Generational Wealth. Build a Lasting Legacy.

Great Returns and Passive Income for Multifamily Investors

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Pay Less Taxes

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Build and Protect Your Wealth

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Generate Passive Income

All the Benefits of Real Estate,
Without the Headache.


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You don't have to flip houses or make bets on risky stocks to create passive income. By investing in a low volatility, tax-adjusted asset class like multifamily real estate (apartments), you can receive passive income and build wealth. 

5 Advantages of Multifamily

Find out why passive investors choose to invest in apartments over other asset classes.

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Year 1



We find a deal in a strong market that meets our minimum projected returns. We target class b-c assets between 100-200 units with value-add potential.

Year 1



We raise capital from passive investors and obtain financing from a third party lender to purchase the asset.

Our Investing

Years 1-2



We implement our value-add plan to improve the condition of the property through renovations. We also decrease operational costs by increasing the operational efficiency of the property.

Years 2-3


After we have stabilized the property and increased the net operating income, we take advantage of the increase in appreciation value by refinancing. This capital is returned to our investors.


Assuming the market conditions are right, we sell the property or refinance again. Then, we return the rest of your initial investment. If we refinance, investors keep their equity split, and continue to receive distributions.


Years 5-6


How it Works

Start Receiving Passive Income and Building Generational Wealth


Complete and submit the online investor form to become part of our investor community


Schedule a call with our investment team to discuss your objectives and to answer all of your questions


Complete the paperwork and become a passive investor in one of our multifamily properties


Receive privileged information on our latest investment opportunities


​Relax and enjoy receiving regular reports and profit distributions


Our Criteria

How We Qualify An Investment

Class B and C properties are known to be more versatile than Class A and D Properties. For this reason, we aim to acquire Class B and C multifamily properties that produce cash flow.


We target properties with value-add potential. This means that there is an opportunity to increase the net operating income (NOI) the property produces. We can do this by improving the property conditions through renovations, and/or decreasing the operating costs by improving operational efficiency. NOI determines a multifamily property's value, meaning as NOI increases, so does the property's value.


We underwrite every deal that comes across our table conservatively. This means that we try to "kill" the deal, and think of "worse-case" scenarios that might impact the NOI. Our approach ensures that the property can perform during poor economic conditions, such as during a recession.


We acquire properties in markets that have stable economies, job growth, and population growth. We also gravitate towards markets with diverse industries, and strong anchors like universities, big employers, or hospitals. We aim for landlord-friendly states.


We target Investment Opportunities with a minimum Projected Return of 100% over a 5-6 year period. We typically offer investors a cash on cash return of 10-12%, a 15-18% Internal rate of return, and a 8% preferred return.

*these returns are net of fees*

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