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Thank You For Your Interest!

Thanks for your interest in our current investment opportunity.

Here’s what’s next:
●       Review documents

Webinar Replay (will be emailed in a separate email shortly after live webinar)

Executive Summary

(Financials and FAQ’s included)

Use this link to 

●     Register on the Investment Portal, click “Offerings” and review the investment opportunity.
●       Follow the prompt to make your offer.
●       We’ll then “review” your offer to make sure it meets our investor guidelines.
●       Once we accept your offer, you will E-Sign the documents (in the portal), and you’ll receive wiring instructions.
●       You wire the funds and we will confirm when they are received. 
●       Then have your CPA complete this form and return it to us to verify your accredited status.
●       Then you wait for closing.  We will provide more communication prior to closing.

Please note that we are accepting investments on a “first come first served” basis; once we have raised our target amount we cannot accept any more investments. If your investment is wired into the escrow account after we have achieved our target, we will wire the amount back to you.
Once we close, you’ll receive some updates on how the project is going and begin to enjoy quarterly distributions.

That’s it … not too bad, right?

If you ever have any questions, I’m here for you. Just email me at

Thanks so much, and I look forward to having you on board!

Jeffrey Donis
Director of Investor Relations, Donis Investment Group

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