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Are You A Fix and Flipper? Are You Tired Of Paying So Much Taxes on Your Flip Profits?

FiX and Flipping Is a Lucrative Real Estate Strategy. However, The IRS Taxes Fix and Flippers At a High Rate That Eats Away At The Profits Made On a Flip. 

Our Playbook will Help You Offset the Taxes You Pay as a Fix and Flipper so you can maximize your Earnings. 

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Image by Michael Longmire

Real Estate Investing & High Taxes 

Being a Fix and Flipper can be a lucrative career. However, Flipping Houses Comes With a BIG Disadvantage ---Taxes.

As a Flipper, Your Goal is to Maximize Your Profits. But, How Often do you take taxes into Account when you're running numbers on a potential Flip?

Working So Hard On a Flip Only To Give Away So Much In Taxes Can be Disheartening. 

Ask Yourself: How Much Have You Paid In Taxes On Your Flips?

The Facts

According to New Silver, the profits from a flip can be taxed between 10% and 37%.


That means that if you make $100,000 in revenue on a project, you will only be walking away with $63,000. 

If you want to avoid this, click below to get your free playbook.

Renovating a House

We Can Help

There are ways you can avoid paying such a high tax rate as a fix and flipper LEGALLY.

Our Playbook will go into the Top 3 Ways you can Offset Taxes as a Fix and Flipper so you can maximize your profits. 

If you want to save money on taxes and keep your hard earned money, download our FREE Playbook NOW.

What Are You Waiting For?

Click Below To Get Access To Your Copy of Our FREE Playbook

Who Are We

Donis Investment Group was founded by Jeffrey, Kenneth, and Kerwin Donis, three siblings bonded by a shared passion for real estate. 


The Donis Brothers are on a mission to help fix and flippers save money on their flips by reducing their taxable income through investments in multifamily properties. 

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